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Jul 2020 | by Andy Bursey
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What keeps me motivated to consistently train throughout the week?

  • Actualizing and operating at the best version of myself is very important towards achieving my life goals. I am a firm believer in giving everything you do 150% and this is usually a result of consistency and what you do repeatedly. Consistency, discipline and good habits are the fruits of being intentional about your goals and realizing that it is what we do on a daily basis which translates in achieving your goals. Training consistently throughout the week is an integral part of the process towards achieving the best version of myself. Its more than just training, it IS choosing to be stronger and developing lifelong habits.
  • Having accountability buddies is also a great motivation to keep training daily! An accountability buddy. An accountability buddy is someone (friend or colleague) who you train together with and share each other’s fitness goals. Sharing each other’s fitness goals is necessary for days when you don’t always feel like training and having a reliable workout buddy increases your chances of sticking to your exercise program.
  • Create a Fitness Vision Board! Often times seeing what you want to achieve makes it seem more attainable which drives you to keep going. A vision board should include your fitness goals (visual), results you want to achieve, people that inspire you and your favorite fitness quotes.


What is your go to Summer cardio workout to keep in shape?

  • My go to summer cardio workout to keep in shape is swimming! Swimming has multiple benefits, it engages all the muscles at once, increases your heart rate with minimal impact on your joints. It has great psychological benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety and even better, swimming is FUN!

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