6 Tips to Improve Your Bench Press
Oct 2019 | by Andy Bursey
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We always have the best intention of lifting heavy when its chest day and really, who doesn’t want to load that barbell and feel your pecs firing up? But many times, we forget to follow the basic set-up and movement patterns of the moving bar which is followed by a disappointing performance.

Here are 6 ways to improve your bench press performance.

1.) Plant your feet firmly on the ground with your toes behind your knees. Make sure you drive your heels down to the floor when performing the bench press movement even though your heels might not touch the floor.
2.) Next is to secure your torso on the bench. With your feet planted firmly with your toes behind your knees, slide yourself onto the bench until your eyes are directly under the bar.
3.) From there place your hands shoulder width apart on the bar. Make sure those thumbs go around the bar for extra security, we don’t want that bar coming out of you palms during mid set.
4.) Squeeze your shoulder blades together to activate your lats. This helps with explosive power during your workout.
5.) Follow the proper bar path. The bar should come down to just under your chest (touch your sternum) and back up to starting point. At no point do you want to jerk the bar out of place as this might result in a shoulder injury.
6.) Lastly your elbows should be tucked in at a 45-degree angle, flaring them out to the side.

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