Romeo Moffat

When my heart is willing, the impossible becomes possible simply because the goal doesn’t change no matter how bad the journey gets. A very optimistic person as the meaning of Romeo says it all. I love bodybuilding because i love achieving difficult tasks. The task of waking up and shielding yourself with discipline, with commitment, with hard work, perseverance, resiliency, patience, determination and dedication. Once all of these are achieved for the day, i know I’m the strongest human on the planet.


  • What type of training you prefer to do?

    I prefer to train the old school way. Less of machines and more of free weights. I like to work on the muscle so i don’t necessarily rely on sets, for as long as my muscles are not stressed enough during an exercise, I’m not proceeding to the next.

  • Philosophy on health and fitness

    The hardest thing to achieve here on planet earth is health and fitness and not wealth. Because with wealth, arguably everyone goes to bed with food in their stomach but not with health and fitness you have to work for it and own it

  • What is your favourite Muscle Junkie product?

    Favorite MJ product is Insane Whey : I love to put on lean gains throughout the year and keep my body fat on a single number mainly because of health reasons, to control cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. And per single serving of Insane Whey gives me 20g of protein, 2g of carbs and 1g of sugar which meets my needs. In addition to this fact, it has tribulus terrestris and creatine monohydrate which also help me stay anabolic during during the day. 

  • Fun Fact

    Life is too short to be procrastinating, whatever it takes for you to get there, just do it.