Edward Kamara

I would like to Introduce myself as Eddie, a Senior Electrical Engineer, a bodybuilder and most importantly a person who takes pride in the process. One thing that strikes me is that everyone is focused on the success and not the sacrifice in life, which 100% into fitness as well.


The sacrifice is the routine that it takes to get to were you need to be. Routine (consistency) when it comes to fitness is broken down into three main areas:


  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Supplementation


I would like to give you a glimpse into each of these and hopefully contribute to your growth. Look for the clues that can be duplicated to assist with your goals. My challenge to you is to take control of the opportunity to better yourself through fitness and witness the attributes such as discipline, hard work, patience flow into different parts of your life.



  • What type of training you prefer to do?

    Strength Training during the week and Functional Training on weekends

  • What is your philosophy on health and fitness?

    The body is your tool to executing almost every task out there, so why not make it operate at its best efficiency that yield maximum results. Health and fitness are the building blocks that allow for the body to reach optimal performance – so I would say take every opportunity to better your body through health and fitness ranging from:

    • Exercising
    • Nutrition
    • Mental Health
    • Supplementation

    We are in control of what we put into the body and like a machine it will react to that and give a certain output, the million dollar question here is what output do you want to achieve?

  • What is your favourite Muscle Junkie product?

    Force amino fruit smack



  • My aim is to remain hungry in my pursuit to endorse a lifestyle of balance between work, fitness and mental toughness while inspiring people to do the same.